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April 10, 2020
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Many couples are now considering elopement rather than a large wedding. Eloping doesn’t always mean just going to the courthouse. You can still have a beautiful wedding day even without all the frills that a big event has. All you need is this handy checklist.

Before the Wedding

Eloping requires minimal preparation and you don’t even need to get a venue to do it. You can choose a quite location in the woods, mountains, or pastures, or you can rent a small place to perform the ceremony. If you choose to do it at court, you won’t need much at all. Before that, here is what you need to prepare:

  1. Rings

Some may think that choosing a ring takes time, but once you see the perfect pair, you’ll get it immediately. Check Vancouver diamond wedding rings and see if anything catches your eye.

  1. Make a few calls to check your venue.

If it’s at home, make sure to schedule cleaning and ask other to help. If it’s at court, call ahead to schedule your wedding. If it’s at a public space like a park, garden, woods, mountains, hiking trails, etc., call the local government to check if you need any permits.

  1. Book your minister or judge.

The movies are a bit too much when they show someone getting ordained online on the spot. The truth is that it will take some time to take the tests and verify your identity before you can get ordained. Instead, call a local minister or judge to preside over your wedding and give them the details of the time and location.

  1. Buy a retail dress.

There are many wedding dress sellers out there and their selections range from simple and elegant dresses to large gowns. Whichever dress the bride chooses, they just need to know their size and go to the store for some minor alterations. If you buy online, ensure that you are buying from a trusted seller and that you can deal with minor size differences.

  1. Rent a tux.

The same goes for a tuxedo. There are rental places all over and the most you have to do is send it out for drycleaning after the ceremony. It may be difficult to get a perfectly tailored suit, but that doesn’t matter as much for elopements.

  1. Book your bridal services.

There are now elopement photographers, elopement hair and makeup artists, and elopement organizers as well. If you really want something intimate, these people will be ready for your event in no time.

Did we forget anything? If you have some suggestions on how to prepare for the best elopement ever, send us a message or leave a comment on this post.

Haben Habib

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