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February 29, 2020
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Haben Habib

The Ultimate Elopement Checklist

Nov 25, 2019

Many couples are now considering elopement rather than a large wedding. Eloping doesn’t always mean just going to the courthouse. You can still have a beautiful wedding day even without all the frills that a big event has. All you need is this handy checklist.

Before the Wedding

Eloping requires minimal preparation and you don’t even need to get a venue to do it. You can choose a quite location in the woods, mountains, or pastures, or you can rent a small place to perform the ceremony. If you choose to do it at court, you won’t need much at all. Before that, here is what you need to prepare:

  1. Rings

Some may think that choosing a ring takes time, but once you see the perfect pair, you’ll get it immediately. Check Vancouver diamond wedding rings and see if anything catches your eye.

  1. Make a few calls to check your venue.

If it’s at home, make sure to schedule cleaning and ask other to help. If it’s at court, call ahead to schedule your wedding. If it’s at a public space like a park, garden, woods, mountains, hiking trails, etc., call the local government to check if you need any permits.

  1. Book your minister or judge.

The movies are a bit too much when they show someone getting ordained online on the spot. The truth is that it will take some time to take the tests and verify your identity before you can get ordained. Instead, call a local minister or judge to preside over your wedding and give them the details of the time and location.

  1. Buy a retail dress.

There are many wedding dress sellers out there and their selections range from simple and elegant dresses to large gowns. Whichever dress the bride chooses, they just need to know their size and go to the store for some minor alterations. If you buy online, ensure that you are buying from a trusted seller and that you can deal with minor size differences.

  1. Rent a tux.

The same goes for a tuxedo. There are rental places all over and the most you have to do is send it out for drycleaning after the ceremony. It may be difficult to get a perfectly tailored suit, but that doesn’t matter as much for elopements.

  1. Book your bridal services.

There are now elopement photographers, elopement hair and makeup artists, and elopement organizers as well. If you really want something intimate, these people will be ready for your event in no time.

Did we forget anything? If you have some suggestions on how to prepare for the best elopement ever, send us a message or leave a comment on this post.

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The Fountain of Youth — 6 Things You Should Do To Look and Feel Young

Sep 16, 2019

While there is no stopping the aging process, there are ways to delay its onset. You can look and feel younger than your years by making smart health decisions and lifestyle changes as early as possible.

To be successful in creating your own fountain of youth, full commitment is a must. Therefore, it helps to focus on the easiest things that you can do that are known to have a significant impact on any anti-aging initiative.

So, what are these changes? Six of them are discussed below.

1. Take care of your joints.

The condition of your joints is the biggest giveaway that you are aging. They start hurting more. Not only that, it’s certainly true that they become quite sensitive to changes in the weather.

Caring for your joints is easy enough. One, you can start taking supplements for them. Two, always massage them before going to bed and do so more thoroughly if you worked out your body heavily during the day. And three, keep watch over your uric acid levels. Avoid foods that are high in UA to prevent their accumulation in the joints leading to gout and other problems like kidney stones.

2. Apply sunscreen religiously.

Ask any skincare junkie about the best anti-aging strategy and she will tell you that it’s the regular and proper application of sunscreen. Sunscreen with SPF and PA protect the skin from harmful UV rays that age the skin fast.

PA, mainly, is crucial to fighting the aging process, so opt for sunscreens with a PA+++ rating if you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. PA protects your skin from UVA rays that penetrate the skin and cause premature aging.

3. Lose 10 percent of your current weight.

Ten percent is workable. It does not feel like too much, especially if you are giving yourself a month to shed off the pounds. Plus, quite often, ten percent is all you need to lose from your original weight to:

  • Take you from being overweight to being within the normal range.
  • Bump you off the threshold of clinical obesity.
  • Move you from the high-risk section to safe on the diabetes scale.

Shed this amount of weight through diet and exercise, and you’ll revitalize your health. It’s even a comfortable launching pad for further weight loss.

4. Boost your collagen intake.

Preserve your youthful beauty and your joints by making sure you have high amounts of collagen in your body. As you age, this becomes a challenge as the body’s natural ability to produce collagen diminishes, so take supplements and improve your diet.

You can take collagen protein products, eat more salmon, and if you’re gastronomically adventurous, try chicken feet, which have chunks of collagen in them.

5. Get more sleep.

Regularly getting enough sleep will not only make it easier for you to rise in the morning, but it can also do wonders for your waistline as well. Studies reveal that catching enough zzzs restores the brain, body, and immune system.

This means you become less prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. At the same time, you become less susceptible to common infections such as colds.

5. Find a physical activity that you can commit to for the long-term.

Committing to exercise can mean finally getting yourself a personal trainer who will help you work on your physical condition and health goals steadily. Or, you can simply decide to walk a few kilometers a day with your dog. Whatever workout you choose, make sure that it’s something that you can do on a regular basis.

Regular exercise is what can make a big difference in the look and feel of your body. Plus, you will find that it can boost your mood, making you a more pleasant person to be around. This is due to how exercise stimulates the release of happy hormones, endorphins, and serotonin.

6. Make your mornings productive.

Launching into your day earlier and getting more things done is known to make people feel more youthful and alive. Doing so will help you accomplish more, and provide you a sense of fulfillment and joy.

To energize your mornings, power up your coffee with Brain Octane Oil and ghee. With this beverage, you’ll not only have long-lasting energy but mental clarity and overall improved cognition as well.

Since these changes are easy to make, you will find that you are more likely to stick to them. And, in time, they’ll become habits that you can go about quite naturally, and will lead to fulfilling health benefits.

AUTHOR BIO :- Dave Asprey is the creator of the widely popular Bulletproof Coffee, host of the #1 health podcast, Bulletproof Radio, and author of the New York Times bestselling book, “The Bulletproof Diet.” Through his work, the Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur provides information, techniques and keys to taking control of and improving your biochemistry, your body and your mind so they work in unison, helping you execute at levels far beyond what you’d expect, without burning out, getting sick, or allowing stress to control your decisions.

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Why Movie Studios Use Green Screen?

Mar 19, 2019

It’s never been easier to make a movie because of all the technological advantages we have compared to the past. But, because of this improvement, expectations are exceeded and we have some great special effects that can leave you speechless. Many people wonder how they do it and how long it takes. A great thing is that anyone can learn it and it won’t take more than a year. The more you train the easier it gets.

Even when you learn to use these programs some of the parts need to be filmed and placed in the software. For this occasion, professionals use a green screen. You can find cheap green screen studio rental in NYC and in any other bigger city. Some people try to make their own, but there are other gadgets you need to have to film with it. All of this can be expensive, so sometimes it’s better to rent a place.

What is it and how it Works?

The idea is very simple and the goal is to have two videos streams or images layered. It is actually a VFX or a visual effects technique. For example, you can watch some behind the scenes videos on YouTube for the movie you liked and see how they used it. It will be all over the place and it saves a lot of money.

When you place it on the set, you will be able to place whatever picture in the background with the actor in front. Even the actors can wear green screen clothing if some special effects need to be added to the character. Some scenes can’t be filmed because they happened in the past or it is something sci-fi. You can add any element into the program including rain, fire, and smoke.

Get more information here:

Why Green?

Many people wonder why the color has to be green, and the answer is that it doesn’t have to be. Any color can be used for the background, but the standard choice is something close to the neon green. It’s used because it is very strong and you probably won’t have an item on the set with that color. If you wanted to film Kermit, you wouldn’t be able because of the color. In that situation, they used a blue screen. The goal is to have no matching colors.

Setting up a Green Screen

The most important thing is not to have any clothing or items that are the same color as the background. Other things that have a major effect on it are reflective surfaces or materials. This includes large jewelry, glasses and similar things. The program may render the item as well because of the green reflection.

Actors need to be standing at least 6 feet from the screen. They will probably need some makeup because they might seem pale because of the background. You might seem some YouTube videos where they show how they managed it, but when making movies it has to be on the floor also so you can get a perfect shot.

Strong light like in the theaters won’t work in these situations. You want to avoid having shadows. A great tip is to have more static cameras then to move them around the place, zooming will also feel a little bit different. The next process is placing everything in the program and working on the picture.

Programs That Are Mostly Used

One of the most popular programs is Lightworks which is basically video editing software. You can find most of the features that you will need for a movie. It can be used on every popular OS including Linux, OS X, and Windows. Open Broadcaster is something that streamers use, but it can also work for recording. There are advanced options which will give you better results.

Professionals are sometimes using a few of programs to get the perfect effect. Some of them include Adobe Premiere Pro, Magix Vegas Pro, and DaVinci Resolve 15. Most of them are expensive, but they have everything you need and every professional will recommend them. They will support 4K content and 360 VR. They are constantly working on their user interface, so updates are on point.

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Top thingsthat can keep you on track with your wedding

Mar 12, 2019

A wedding is likea fairytale is coming true, but the preparation process can be overwhelming sometimes. Although it is the most exciting and monumental occasion of your life, it can still become stress. Most people know what they want since their childhood but walking in for your own wedding everything seems different. To make everything perfect, you have to take big decisions, talk about the budget, and have to watch family drama. When you have so much in mind for a perfect wedding, you can get stressed out and be stressing out means you are not keeping up with your health which can lead to not looking good on your wedding day. This is a nightmare for so many of bride to be.So, before you go get drunk and insane check out some amazing thing that can keep you on track with your wedding. These tips are great, and we ensure you these are stress-free.Let’s have a look:

  • Hiring a Wedding Planner: Some people want their weddings to be perfect as they always dreamed of and there is no chance of compromise whatsoever. While some people would go with the flow and get the best thing. Considering that, the smarter move is hiring a good wedding planner. Perfection requires a professional caterer or an event planner and if you want your wedding to be perfect so, hire a professional person. There are so many great wedding planners on the internet these days that you can find yours in just a few minutes. A wedding planner would who understand your concerns about planning and would be very happy to manage everything you want.Planning wedding events is their specialty and it will give youthe chance to focus on other things. In case, you don’t have enough budgets to hire a wedding planner, you can browse many ideas on the internet. Make sure you have enough time to work on wedding planning.
  • Wedding Checklist: If you are planning your own wedding,the best idea is to have a checklist. Even if you are just trying to check up on what your wedding planner has been doing all along then make a wedding checklist. There are many digital formats available these days, but surely you can also make your own customized wedding checklist. List all the dos and set up a timeline. By keeping everything on schedule, you stay on your track and we assure you there will be nothing to worry.
  • Make Time For Yourself: It is okay to do extensive wedding planning and spending the day doing so. But it is important that you make some time for yourself too. Don’t indulge yourself in the wedding planning that you leave yourself out from many things you once held dear to your heart. After all, one needs a little break from the exhaustion of wedding planning. Try some family time, watching a movie with friends, or shopping etc.
  • Let go of the Things you Can’t Control: There are a lot of things that can go wrong on your wedding day and these things are continuously stressing you out. This is the point where you know that you can’t control everything around you. You need to let go of those things for your own sake of happiness. Instead of worrying about these, one should focus on what he/she can control like flower decorations, dressing, make-up etc.
  • Keep in Mind Why You are Doing This: one would probably think that wedding planning is too much butrelax but actually it is what you want. By keeping in mind that you are doing this for your happiness will make you feel alright.
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Essential Options For the Right Wedding Planning Right Here

Feb 16, 2019

Are you engaged? This is a special and important moment in any woman’s life and as much as you have a good time to plan and organize your long-awaited wedding party, you still wonder, which wedding vendors should I hire first, which is the more important?

This day has to come out as planned and perfect does not it?

Regardless of the date planned for your wedding planning and organization is paramount, especially in the 18 months preceding the date, as marriage is the fulfillment of a dream and a high investment and you certainly want to avoid last minute problems and expenses. A Wedding Planner brings the best option in this case.

  • And why should you plan everything? It is important that you are calm on the eve of your wedding, the bride and groom should be calm to enjoy and enjoy this special moment.
  • The issue of hiring suppliers should be extra care because there are many items to be hired, so make a list of priorities or everything you want to hire and then do at least 3 budgets from each supplier.
  • Thus, over time you can adapt your list to suit your needs, including changing or withdrawing items according to the idea you have of the event and the products and services you want to hire.
  • According to the rule of weddings the ideal for hiring suppliers is to follow the priorities. Make the list of priorities or major suppliers, you will organize your wedding in the right priority, as it is of no use to look at the hairstyle or bouquet if the most important you have not yet defined.

There is no specific order, but basically brides should hire the services that are essential and that most of the time they only hold one event per weekend and will determine the expenses with other suppliers.

Wedding counseling

It is this professional who will help you in organizing your wedding from the outset, it is the first item on the list that bride should think about hiring.

The consulting firm will help and guide you to understand all the details and organization for hiring suppliers, checking out the best venue, brokering negotiations with suppliers and making a selection of reliable professionals who fit the style and budget of the couple. For the proper kind of Wedding Planningthis is important.

Place of ceremony

The choice and reservation of the place where the ceremony will be held is one of the first points to be honored. As the search for religious sites usually has waiting lists, it is important for the bride to make the reservation as soon as possible.

Reception area

At this stage of the organization, you must visit several places according to what you want to accomplish. As well as the places for ceremony, it is important to reserve the space in advance, especially if the wedding is held in the months most requested by the brides.

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How a Right Wedding Photographer makes you Feel Special on your Wedding Day

Feb 14, 2019

If you were about to get married in a week’s time and you are a camera shy person, you would have loads of trouble getting your picture clicked on the wedding day. It could be a common problem for several people. They may be conscious of their appearance before the camera or camera-shy. Therefore, it would be pertinent that you choose the right wedding photographer who could help you with your camera-shy issues.

Among the several options available online, you should look for annabel law singapore. They have highly experienced and competent photographers. They would be able to cater to your specific needs in the best manner possible.

Are you camera shy?

In case, you were camera shy, you should look for a famous wedding photographer singapore. Most of the people suffer from body image issues. Despite the fact that you should look forward to enjoying your marriage ceremony without worrying about the annabel law singapore photographer following you everywhere to get the best picture on your special day.

If you were a camera shy person, you should have a wedding photographer who would be able to make you feel comfortable while they click your photographs during the wedding ceremony. The photographer should be able to make you pose in a manner that it would complement your body. They should highlight your features to make you appear the very best on your special day. The famous wedding photographer singapore would help you look at your best in all bridal photos.

Do they offer wedding photography within your budget?

You should discuss your wedding photography budget with annabel law singapore photographer. It would be in your best interest to ask for a quote from them. It should fall within your budget. You should negotiate with them or inquire about available packages to suit your specific needs.

You should rest assured that different expenses tend to hamper the overall wedding budget. There may be several last minute unscheduled plans that may disturb the overall budget. Similar could happen to wedding photography as well. Therefore, you should provide the famous wedding photographer singapore with adequate details to get customized wedding photography quote.

It would be imperative that you insist on a customized package. A customized package would ensure you get the right quote for your wedding. There may be small or large sized functions that you may include in the last minute. In case, you wish those functions to be photographed, you would need to discuss the details with the photographer.

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Signs You’ve Found a Great Wedding Venue

Jan 28, 2019

One of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding is choosing a venue for the big day. While there are countless tips to help you find the right venue for your needs, it’s still important that you know how to decide for yourself whether or not you chose the right venue. After you have signed the rental agreement and made a deposit on the venue, there are a few things that you can look for that will give you peace of mind that you have made the right decision and that you will be happy with your venue when you get married.

It Fits Your Budget

While it can be tempting to pretend that your budget doesn’t play a huge role in the venue that you select when you’re planning your wedding, fore most people, this isn’t true. If you love the venue that you chose, and it fits in your budget, then that is a very good sign. The last thing that you want is to choose a venue and then stress out over how you are going to pay for it when the time comes. Looking for wedding venues that are in your budget is a good way to deal with this problem, but many people look for more expensive options. When the time comes, you will be happy that you chose one that you can easily afford.

It Has All of the Essentials That You Need

After making sure that the venue is in your budget, you need to consider whether or not it offers all of the essentials that you are going to need for your big day. You should have a list of the non-negotiables that you are interested in for your wedding venue, and checking to see if the venue meets these needs will help you know that you made a good decision. No matter whether you are looking for a venue with a varied menu, one with ample parking, or one where you can take great outdoor photographs, make sure that it meets your needs.

You Feel Great When You’re There

Weddings are incredibly emotional days, and when you’re looking at wedding venues in Sydney, you want to make sure that the one you chose makes you feel good. If you can’t stop thinking about the venue, feel happy when you are there, and are excited to celebrate your wedding at that venue, then these are all good signs that you have made a good decision.

Planning ahead when looking for a wedding venue is the best way to ensure that you make a good decision and that you don’t book a venue that won’t work for you. However, no matter how much work you put into it, it’s still nice to know that you have made the right decision, and these three things will help put your mind at ease that you not only have chosen a great wedding venue, but that you are likely to be very happy there on your big day.

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Take the help of marriage sites to get a perfect life partner

Jan 19, 2019

Internet has given an opportunity to millions of people with the help of which they could choose a partner of their choice. When you log on to an Online matrimony site it is advised to make great profile as it will help you to get more prospective customers. It is very important to give genuine information about yourself and while you are on Matrimonial sites, it is advised to have some specific points in consideration. These points will help you to play safe and you will be able to find a compatible partner.

Things to consider when using the services

Playing safe

When you visit the profile of a person on a Matrimony site, you are advised to be cautious as you are coming in contact with a person for the very first time. it is advised to take any step further after doing a thorough research about the person, whether he or she is telling the truth or not. It is also advised to check the friend circle of a person on several social networking sites before you take your relationship to the next level. This step will also help you know whether the person has mentioned legit content about himself or not.

The first contact

Before taking your relationship to the next level with the help of Indian matrimonial sites you are required to get to know a person in detail. This you can do with the help of a phone call or through text. You are advised to ask questions about his or her education background, career prospects, hobbies, likes and dislikes which will help you get a clear view about the compatibility between the two of you.

Management of emotions

You are advised not to make any emotional decision in haste, it is advised not to make any commitment until you have a clear view about towards where your new relationship is heading.

-Time investment

You are also expected to invest a considerable time to get a great life partner over the internet, for this purpose you are supposed to get in contact with new people every day. You are also required to put time for chatting and meeting people on one-on-one basis. Furthermore, you are expected to log on to wedding sites which are especially tailored viz. for working class, urban, rural areas etc. This will once again help you to get fruitful results for time investment.

Before you register on a wedding site it is advices to look for the mode of payment the sites are charging. Mostly the sites will charge amount with the help of electronic means and you are advised to for a site which provides https connection. An https connection helps user to stay safe while they are making payments to the site from various fraudulent activities. Further more you are also advised to look at the years since the site is in operation and can also talk with one of your friends who had taken the services of the company in the past.

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Top Personalized Items for Send Gifts to Pune For All

Jan 17, 2019

You always have to think a lot before buying any gift, but personalized gifts are really heart touching. When you buy personalized gifts for someone it means that you have really thought for that person. In fact, personalized gifts are special gifts that give a beautiful memory to the person who receives the gift. No matter whom you give the gift whether it’s your friend or your parents it always shows your true affection and care. And the best thing about personalized gifts is that it is something which shows your creativity so no one else can have the same type of gift.

  • The photo on a wooden frame:

If you are unable to get to best friend’s birthday, no need to think much as you can send a beautiful gift with a truly personalized touch. Just choose a solid birch wood frame painted in colors ranging from blond to pale. And the laser embossing of the photo on the wood really enhances the beauty of the gift. You can choose any size from medium to bigger ones. No doubt your friend will adore this unique gift from you. So contact the personalized gifts delivery service today only.

  • Personalized Parker rollerball pen

Sometimes it happens that things you cannot say and can be written on words. Therefore you can choose an amazing smooth roller ball pen from the brand Parker for your father. You can make the gift a bit more exciting by embossing your father’s name on the pen. Indeed your father will love the excellent black classic look of the ball pen. Therefore give him the chance to cherish the best gift from his son. So send gifts to Pune with the help of best online partner

  • Have fun with customized ludo

Do you want to mix some fun element to your relationship? Then get personalized ludo for your little niece. She will love this personalized ludo with four pictures of four players on four ends of the board. In order to add a personalized touch to the item, you need to send four high-resolution images and names of the near ones you want to add. Indeed your niece will love the game as it will make her spend quality hours with the best person of her life.

  • Lovable blue cushion:

Are you planning to propose her? But you cannot say that exactly what you mean? No problem a gift can be the best solution to your problem. For that, you can choose a blue colored fluffy cushion with a cartoon picture and print the three beautiful words that you love her on the cushion. No doubt the pampering gift will also make her fall in love with you.

  • For the best mom:

Your mother has given her entire life to raise you up. Now it turns to say how much you are thankful for this beautiful life. For that choosing, a white colored ceramic mug with a photo of your mother and a childhood photo of yours will really make her nostalgic.

Thus, these are some of the personalized gifts which you can choose to send either through midnight gifts delivery or through same day gifts delivery option.

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Grand Rapids Michigan Modeling Agencies- Models and Talent in MI Investigates the Real Face of the Modelling Industry Behind the Glitz and Glamor

Jan 9, 2019

For teens and early adults with good looks as well as high self-confidence, the fashion industry offers a life of celebrity, wealth, and glamour. But for most prospects, the start of a modelling career looks like this:

Dasha Alexander, a 15-year-old rookie model, said, during her first test shoot, a photographer held a camera in one hand and “penetrated” her with the other hand, digitally. The photographer explained that the move would make the images more “sensual” and “raw.”

When a 16-year old aspiring model, Coco Rocha refused to get naked in one of her first photo shoots, she said the photographer decided to replace her with a much younger girl who is willing to get naked in front of the camera. After a few months, a known photographer simulated an orgasm while taking Rocha’s photos.

Another model, Lenka Chubuklieva, a 17-year old model, said that her agent repeatedly groped her. She was also thrown on a bed and kissed by a photographer, and another photographer himself in front of her and threatened to ruin her and her family’s life if she told anyone about the incident.

If people know and understood what is happening behind the scene and behind the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry, they would be horrified and mortified. Due to the #MeToo movement, a lot of models are encouraged to speak about their experiences.

To know more about the #MeToo movement, you can visit

At least 50 models spoke to the Globe Spotlight Team about the sexual misconducts that are happening in the fashion industry, from verbal assault to inappropriate touching, to physical assaults. A lot of models are planning to expose the serial predators and people who turn a blind eye on what they are doing or worst enables these sexual predators.

Some of the models are demanding legal protections and new laws and calling for a change in the youth-obsessed industry, a lot of them are being exploited, treated like a worthless piece of meat at a young age. Some models are even “pimped out” by their managers, agents, or even their agency.

As a group, these models, mostly women, made credible allegations of verbal assault, physical abuse, and sexual misconduct against photographers, stylists, agents, casting directors, and other people related in the fashion industry. Spotlight reporters have verified these claims and investigated accounts and examined records like CCTV footages, mobile phone camera videos, and e-mails.

Most of the alleged victims are willing to talk, tell their experiences, but some of them are only willing to spill the beans on a condition that their identity will remain anonymous because they are still working in the fashion industry and afraid of any consequences.

Some of the people being accused of sexual misconduct are well-known photographers, agents, even powerbrokers in the fashion industry and often named by multiple complainants for alleged sexual abused. All of the accused denied the allegations against them, and most of them complained that they couldn’t defend themselves if the identities of the alleged victims of sexual abuse are being protected or remained anonymous.

One of the accused photographers, insisted that some of the encounters were not sexual in nature and they are consensual, another said that the models may have misunderstood the positioning and the touching are part of their job. Both the complainants say these statements are merely justifications for their abuses that have been part of the fashion industry for many years.

The fashion industry, according to most experts, is overflowing with physical abuse and sexual misconduct because it is built into the business. A lot of abused models are minors ageing 14 to 17 years old when they entered the industry, a sexualized world with no job protection and minimal supervision.

Most Hollywood actors and actresses that supported the #MeToo movement have the option to join or start a union. Not only that, being a model involves marketing the products and the brand of the clients using seduction. There is a saying in the marketing world, “Sex Sells.”

At times, most of the models are asked to dramatize or exaggerate sexual behaviors and conduct that they may not yet experience in real life. Models regularly undressed in front of their colleagues and often wears skimpy clothing, and sometimes, no clothes at all, to market and sell the brands they are hired to model in, from hair and skin products, watches, to luxury clothes and lingerie.

It is an industry where financial, sexual and physical exploitation of teens is almost a regular thing, At least 60% of the models said that they had been sexually abused verbally or physically in the workplace, ranging from unconsented kissing to rape.

But for many years, the victims of sexual abuse in the fashion industry have struggled to be taken seriously or heard. Modelling may be a profession that accentuates the beauty and the sensuality of both men and women, but for models, it still works that provide food to the table for them and their families.

It is a job, and just because you see pictures of models in underwear or skimpy clothes, it does not mean that it is an invitation to come to their bedroom or you have their permission to abuse them sexually. For example, you see a sexy model in websites like; it does not mean that you the model can be abused verbally or physically just because she posed in websites or magazines wearing nothing but her underwear.

People should understand that the life of the model outside their job is different from their life on the job. If they happily wear skimpy clothes during the photo shoots, it does not mean that’s who they are in real life. But most models say they seldom complain since doing this can get them in trouble and get them labeled as a model challenging to work with and can derail their plans to be a successful supermodel.

Still, encouraged by the increasing calls to stop sexual harassment in the workplace, more models are starting to speak out in the hope that people can see what is happening behind the glamour and glitz of the fashion world and change will finally arrive in the industry.

Because of the public uproar and pressure, brands and designers pledged to impose more protections against sexual abuse in the days leading up to one of the biggest fashion events of the year, the New York Fashion Week. But the safeguards put into place like private changing rooms for the models so that they don’t have to change or get naked in front of everyone, only proves that the models are vulnerable to any form of abuse, whether it is verbally, physically, sexually, or emotionally.

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