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April 9, 2020
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Why Movie Studios Use Green Screen?

Mar 19, 2019

It’s never been easier to make a movie because of all the technological advantages we have compared to the past. But, because of this improvement, expectations are exceeded and we have some great special effects that can leave you speechless. Many people wonder how they do it and how long it takes. A great thing is that anyone can learn it and it won’t take more than a year. The more you train the easier it gets.

Even when you learn to use these programs some of the parts need to be filmed and placed in the software. For this occasion, professionals use a green screen. You can find cheap green screen studio rental in NYC and in any other bigger city. Some people try to make their own, but there are other gadgets you need to have to film with it. All of this can be expensive, so sometimes it’s better to rent a place.

What is it and how it Works?

The idea is very simple and the goal is to have two videos streams or images layered. It is actually a VFX or a visual effects technique. For example, you can watch some behind the scenes videos on YouTube for the movie you liked and see how they used it. It will be all over the place and it saves a lot of money.

When you place it on the set, you will be able to place whatever picture in the background with the actor in front. Even the actors can wear green screen clothing if some special effects need to be added to the character. Some scenes can’t be filmed because they happened in the past or it is something sci-fi. You can add any element into the program including rain, fire, and smoke.

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Why Green?

Many people wonder why the color has to be green, and the answer is that it doesn’t have to be. Any color can be used for the background, but the standard choice is something close to the neon green. It’s used because it is very strong and you probably won’t have an item on the set with that color. If you wanted to film Kermit, you wouldn’t be able because of the color. In that situation, they used a blue screen. The goal is to have no matching colors.

Setting up a Green Screen

The most important thing is not to have any clothing or items that are the same color as the background. Other things that have a major effect on it are reflective surfaces or materials. This includes large jewelry, glasses and similar things. The program may render the item as well because of the green reflection.

Actors need to be standing at least 6 feet from the screen. They will probably need some makeup because they might seem pale because of the background. You might seem some YouTube videos where they show how they managed it, but when making movies it has to be on the floor also so you can get a perfect shot.

Strong light like in the theaters won’t work in these situations. You want to avoid having shadows. A great tip is to have more static cameras then to move them around the place, zooming will also feel a little bit different. The next process is placing everything in the program and working on the picture.

Programs That Are Mostly Used

One of the most popular programs is Lightworks which is basically video editing software. You can find most of the features that you will need for a movie. It can be used on every popular OS including Linux, OS X, and Windows. Open Broadcaster is something that streamers use, but it can also work for recording. There are advanced options which will give you better results.

Professionals are sometimes using a few of programs to get the perfect effect. Some of them include Adobe Premiere Pro, Magix Vegas Pro, and DaVinci Resolve 15. Most of them are expensive, but they have everything you need and every professional will recommend them. They will support 4K content and 360 VR. They are constantly working on their user interface, so updates are on point.

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Top thingsthat can keep you on track with your wedding

Mar 12, 2019

A wedding is likea fairytale is coming true, but the preparation process can be overwhelming sometimes. Although it is the most exciting and monumental occasion of your life, it can still become stress. Most people know what they want since their childhood but walking in for your own wedding everything seems different. To make everything perfect, you have to take big decisions, talk about the budget, and have to watch family drama. When you have so much in mind for a perfect wedding, you can get stressed out and be stressing out means you are not keeping up with your health which can lead to not looking good on your wedding day. This is a nightmare for so many of bride to be.So, before you go get drunk and insane check out some amazing thing that can keep you on track with your wedding. These tips are great, and we ensure you these are stress-free.Let’s have a look:

  • Hiring a Wedding Planner: Some people want their weddings to be perfect as they always dreamed of and there is no chance of compromise whatsoever. While some people would go with the flow and get the best thing. Considering that, the smarter move is hiring a good wedding planner. Perfection requires a professional caterer or an event planner and if you want your wedding to be perfect so, hire a professional person. There are so many great wedding planners on the internet these days that you can find yours in just a few minutes. A wedding planner would who understand your concerns about planning and would be very happy to manage everything you want.Planning wedding events is their specialty and it will give youthe chance to focus on other things. In case, you don’t have enough budgets to hire a wedding planner, you can browse many ideas on the internet. Make sure you have enough time to work on wedding planning.
  • Wedding Checklist: If you are planning your own wedding,the best idea is to have a checklist. Even if you are just trying to check up on what your wedding planner has been doing all along then make a wedding checklist. There are many digital formats available these days, but surely you can also make your own customized wedding checklist. List all the dos and set up a timeline. By keeping everything on schedule, you stay on your track and we assure you there will be nothing to worry.
  • Make Time For Yourself: It is okay to do extensive wedding planning and spending the day doing so. But it is important that you make some time for yourself too. Don’t indulge yourself in the wedding planning that you leave yourself out from many things you once held dear to your heart. After all, one needs a little break from the exhaustion of wedding planning. Try some family time, watching a movie with friends, or shopping etc.
  • Let go of the Things you Can’t Control: There are a lot of things that can go wrong on your wedding day and these things are continuously stressing you out. This is the point where you know that you can’t control everything around you. You need to let go of those things for your own sake of happiness. Instead of worrying about these, one should focus on what he/she can control like flower decorations, dressing, make-up etc.
  • Keep in Mind Why You are Doing This: one would probably think that wedding planning is too much butrelax but actually it is what you want. By keeping in mind that you are doing this for your happiness will make you feel alright.
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